Cat Quest - Game For Your phone

Cat Quest – Game For Your Smaptphone

Cat Quest

Cats, unquestionably, are universal favorites, and very few can resist these warm purring lumps. If you need to “untwist” a product, “stick” to him a cute cat, and success is guaranteed. So decided to act and developers from the Singapore independent studio The Gentlebros. Created by them the game Cat Quest really carries away and gives a lot of fun.
Cat Quest - Game For Your Smaptphone
Cat Quest is a role-playing action game, created under the impression of such RPGs as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy. The action takes place in an open world, entirely populated by kittens of all stripes – here you can meet seals-sealers, seals-magicians, seals-adventurers and even seals-evil sorcerers. Of course, there are also funny monsters, but against the background of the meowing kingdom they fade.

The country of seals is called Felingard. Rather, it’s not even a country, but a whole continent, surrounded by the seas. The edges of the continent have a bizarre outline, and the land abounds in dungeons and outlandish ruins. A detailed map of Felinhardt, revealing itself on the screen, resembles a map of the board game. All the details are carefully traced, and the names that play all that is associated with seals can not help but cause a smile.

According to the story of Cat Quest, the evil magician Dracoat kidnapped the sister of the main character of the cat – the legendary dragon winner Dovakot. The hero himself turned out to be on land, and to save his sister from captivity must fight with four dragons. It is not so easy to defeat magical reptiles, and for this you will have to train your character in full, performing various tasks.

Do not worry, because actually fighting with opponents is not so difficult. All enemies have only a certain set of strokes and behave according to patterns. Moreover, all impacts are visualized before application, and you will have enough time to prepare. Cope with the enemies can be with the help of spells, and just slashing their sword. True, not all can be defeated only by magic, and some enemies possess an enviable dexterity and can use combinations of strikes. It is worth noting that the game focuses not on points, but on your skill and reaction.

In general, playing Cat Quest is very fun, and the time flies by unnoticed. After you download this game, rest assured that several of your evenings will be exactly busy. All quests are quite simple, but they are very funny. You do not need anything supernatural – choose the quest and pump the level.

The character has the following characteristics: health, the power of a sword and the power of magic. The higher the level, the more indicators. Increase the characteristics can be using items (armor, headgear and weapons), which are also pumped.

As for the graphics, with her in the Cat Quest all is well. The game is a complete pleasure for the eyes. It is colorful and bright, and the kittens are unusually “mimicious”. If you are looking for a fairytale good game that will suit both children and adults, boldly download the Cat Quest, you definitely will not be disappointed!

Developer : The Gentlebros Pte. Ltd.
Cost : $ 4.99 (iOS), $ 129.99 (Android)


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