Q Acoustics 3000 Series 5.1 Home Theatre System-Review

The success of the universal line of 2000i inspired Q Acoustics designers to create a new series of acoustic systems, which received the “3000” index. The developers have proposed a different concept, with which we invite you to get acquainted. Look more small bookshelf speakers: 5 best small bookshelf speakers yamananndana. You can see the speakers at the Hi-Fi & High End Show 2015 (April 9-12, Crocus Expo) in Room No. 314 on the third floor. Moreover, a representative of Q Acoustics will award a special prize to the first buyer of the novelty.

Small Bookshelf Speakers For Next-Level Sound

Models of the 3000 series acquired a laconic design with rounded ribs of housings and at the same time received improvements borrowed from the older Concept series. For damping, struts, screeds and wool fibers are used. The front panel has a two-layer structure. Moreover, its thickness, as well as the thickness of the upper panel, are doubled compared to the 2000i series. As a result, it was possible to increase the strength, rigidity and minimize resonances of the hull.

A movie set assembled from the shelves of the Q Acoustics 3010, the center channel 3090 and the subwoofer 3070s.
The speakers are equipped with tightly fitting grills with magnetic fastening. To suppress low-frequency hum in the case of speakers located near the wall, a complete plug of foam is inserted into the bore of the bass reflex on their rear wall. Also inside the body are reflecting partitions of MDF. They are placed in certain places to eliminate resonances and re-reflections, which further increases the purity of sound.

Q Acoustics 3010 and 3020: a little big sound


The compact 2-way shelving Q Acoustics 3010 and its more compact Q Acoustics 3020 also have reinforced housings with a 24 mm front panel and a rear-facing bass reflex port. The same 25 mm hybrid tweeter is used. The role of MF / LF emitter in 3010 and 3020 is taken by 100 and 125 mm drivers, with a paper-Kevlar diaphragm. The AC 3020 has a frequency range from 64 Hz to 22 kHz, a sensitivity of 88 dB and weighs 4.6 kg. Accordingly, the characteristics of 3010: 68 Hz – 22 kHz, 86 dB and 3.6 kg.

Models only have a pair of screw terminals for cable connection. The PR manager of Q Acoustics Steve Reichert comments on this choice as follows: “Very few people use” bi-wiring “connection in this price segment, besides for connectors intended for two-wire connection, it is necessary to make a larger hole in the case , which leads to various problems with sounding and a reduction in the volume of the cabinet. ”

Q Acoustics 3050


The dynamics of the 2-band flagship Q Acoustics 3050 are based on the D’Appolito principle: a hybrid inch tweeter is mounted on one vertical axis between two 165 mm midrange / bass drivers. The design guarantees a wide dispersion, improved focus and smooth AFC in the mid-range. MF / LF drivers are equipped with paper diffusers, reinforced aramid fiber (Kevlar). Such membranes have increased stiffness, low weight, reduce distortion and provide the Q Acoustics 3050 with deep bass, improved dynamics, open midrange and more accurate sound, and the dome tweeter provides clean and even high frequencies. The frequency of the division of the bands is at the level of 2.6 kHz.

The body is 1 meter high and weighs almost 18 kg and is equipped with a rear steel support protruding beyond it, to which the studs are attached. The port of the bass reflex port is placed in the rear part, and the thickness of the front panel is 27 mm. In the small indentations there are four screw terminals, which allow to organize a bilingual connection. The model has a wide enough frequency range (44 Hz – 22 kHz) and has a fairly high sensitivity of 92 dB, which makes it easier to choose an amplifier or AV receiver. Model Q Acoustics 3050 is great for large areas.


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